Every person working with food in a food establishment must have a current Food Worker card. To get a card, you must pass a class on safe food handling practices and pay a small fee.

We offer both online and in-person classes. We post a calendar with class dates, times and locations on our website. These frequently asked questions about the classes will give you all the information you need about the classes and food cards in general.

Your first card is good for two years. When you renew your card, it is good for three years. After you have had a first-time, two-year card, you can qualify for a five-year card if you:

  • Complete a food worker class and pass the exam;
  • Pay the card renewal fee;
  • Provide proof that you successfully completed additional food safety training within two years prior to your current Food Worker Card renewal. (For example, to get a five-year renewal card on 3/1/2011, your training must have been completed on or after 3/1/2009.)


For further training you can purchase and enroll in the Food Manager's Certification course online. It is offered through ServSafe® which is administered by the National Restaurant Association. The program is accredited by ANSI and the Conference for Food Protection.

The Culinary Arts program at Olympic College offers the ServSafe course. The course provides information on all aspects of food handling for all levels of food workers. To register or to obtain class schedules, please contact Olympic College.

If you serve alcohol, you must take special classes for alcohol servers.

The manual will help you prepare for your class. It is written in many languages – and upon request, you can get it in Braille.

In addition to the required classes noted above, here is other important information you need to be safe and prepare food safely when on the job:

If you have a Food Worker card that expired less than 14 days ago or a current food worker card, then your card will be valid for 3 years from issue date. Every time your card expires it is required to retake the Food Worker class and test.

You can receive a 5-year renewal food worker card, if you have a current card and can show that you have had Additional Food Safety Training.

If you lose your original card, you can use a photocopy as your backup permit until you need to renew it when it expires.

You may obtain a duplicate Washington State food worker card, if you meet the following conditions:

  • Your lost card hasn’t yet expired. You will be required to retake the class and test every time your card expires;
  • You obtained your card from one our classes in Kitsap County.

Duplicate cards may be purchased at the Health District office located at 345 6th Street, Suite 300 in Bremerton. We are open Monday through Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm. You will need to show photo ID and pay a small fee.

If you obtained your card through a different Washington State county, then you will need to contact that county for assistance.

If you obtained your lost card online, click here to navigate to the online food class link. Be sure to use the exact log in information you originally used to take the class.

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