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We inspect all of the more than 1,000 Kitsap County permanent food establishments - usually two times each year.

The purpose of our inspection is to assure that food is being handled properly - from preparation through serving. Our inspectors observe kitchen workers’ food handling practices, inspect refrigerators and storage areas, take food temperatures, and make sure that food workers use correct hand washing practices.

We have two levels of food safety violations – red and blue:

  • Red violations are more likely to directly contribute to food contamination, or foodborne illness. Examples of red violations include poor temperature control, improper cooking, cooling, refrigeration or reheating temperatures. Red item violations found during an inspection must be corrected during the routine inspection.
  • Blue violations reflect conditions that have a low risk of transmitting foodborne illness. Examples of blue violations include lack of facility cleanliness and maintenance or proper cleaning of equipment and utensils.

If we find food safety violations, we work with the manager to correct them immediately and make sure he/she understands how to operate correctly going forward. We may conduct a follow-up inspection for red item violations even though they were corrected during our routine inspection.

We write a report summarizing the results of each inspection and give each establishment a numerical inspection score based on the risk that any violations have of causing foodborne illness. Each inspection report has a total score based on the number and types of violations noted.

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